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Study Physics at the University of Fribourg!

Physics deals with the macroscopic and microscopic constituents of the world around us, as well as their interactions, in order to reduce complex natural phenomena to simple laws which can be expressed quantitatively. The principal objective of physics is basic research and many of its discoveries have resulted in technological applications, such as television, computers, telecommunications and new materials, to cite just a few examples, not forgetting the high-tech apparatus used in modern medicine, the Web, GPS and lasers.

Learning outcomes and carrer openings

The course offers an excellent grounding in physics (general physics and methodology) and helps students develop critical discernment, new ways of thinking, objectivity, creativity and sound reasoning...
Physicists' skills are highly sought-after in the field of high-tech. A Bachelor's degree in Physics constitutes a sound basic qualification and opens the way to a variety of career orientations. For example, you can put your knowledge to good use in the field of patents or consulting, or undertake further studies leading to a Master's degree. With a Master in Physics, you will have access to various professional activities in research, teaching, industry, economics or administration.

10 good reasons to study at the University of Fribourg

The University of Fribourg's Department of Physics offers students an excellent environment in which to study physics at the Bachelor's level, notably thanks to the:

  • Human scale

  • Excellent student mentoring,

  • Content, level and quality of teaching according to the Swiss standards

  • Great feedom in organizing the studies for the student: choice of foundation course, minor study progammes, specialization courses, proximity of other universities and of the EPFL with opportunity to take elective courses there

  • Bilingualism/trilingualism: teaching in french and german at the Bachelor level, teaching in english at the Master level

  • Active participation of third year Bachelor students and higher in top-level research groups

  • International and multicultural environment

  • EU compatibility of the study programmes

  • Affordable cost of living and accomodation

  • Cool students association

Learning offers

Advanced studies