PH.3002/3005/4003 and 5001

The physics coursplan offers students individually directed study courses. The courses are not taught in a formal classroom setting, but consist of work that the student does within one of the research groups in the department.  Since the topics change frequently, on this page each research group will maintain a list of offered projects. Because of this dynamic nature, this page serves as a clearing house of the currently available projects within the groups. Students are strongly advised to discuss not only with the group leaders, but also with Ph.D. and M.Sc. students within each group while investigating the project topics and groups.  This list is not necessarly exhaustive: groups may have projects not yet listed here.

PH.3002 and PH 3005: 5 ECTS (max: 11 hours/week for 14 weeks) Advanced labwork in a group (experimental or theory).
To supplement the available VP experiments and theory workshops, research groups sometimes propose research work of a difficulty similar to the formal VP experiments, but directly related to an ongoing active research project.  The ECTS earned here count toward the total VP requirements. It is rare that one of these `VP in a group' provides a full 5 ECTS credit load; the projects are intended to be smaller in scope.

PH.4003: 5 ECTS (~11 hours/week for 14 weeks)
The Project, sometimes called the Advanced Project, is a directed research task much like the advanced laboratory (VP/ATP) work, with the exception that it occurs within the research groups active within the department.  This course will see the student join a research group, working closely with Professors and PostDocs as well as Ph.D. and M.Sc. students, to complete a project of use to the ongoing research of the group.  A detailed written report is to be submitted at the end.  Frequently, the advanced project gives the student intimate knowledge of the experimental equipment and/or theoretical methods applicable to the physical problems on which the M.Sc. thesis work will be based.

PH.5001: 36 ECTS (6 to 12 months of full time work) Masters Dissertation.
This course represents the work of the masters thesis and written dissertation.  It is real research work which the student will do under the supervision of an active researcher in the field, and during which the student's aptitude for fundamental research will begin to develop. The work will be presented both as a formal written document, and as a 30 minutes oral presentation.

The following links are for members of the research groups, giving a template for the creation of the description documents above.